Who We Are?


  • Why Too Solid®

    Bek Lilley, the founder of Too Solid is a proud Wiradjuri Kamilaroi woman. She says that one big barrier she had to overcome was the feeling that people had set her future in stone. She didn't know what she wanted for her future, but she wanted the opportunity to dream. Too Solid is that dream, creating an active wear brand that celebrates Aboriginal culture, self-empowerment and the strength of community. Bek believes that others can achieve their dreams too by embracing Too Solid® and taking strength from what it represents, while giving strength to others through solidarity and connection.  

    Too Solid® represents something bigger than the individual and individual excellence and is based on the sense of belonging. We share and celebrate the Aboriginal spirit to dream, and dream BIG, set goals and smash them, for the betterment of community as well as Australia as a whole, for our culture IS community. Too Solid® is a track off the beaten path that includes and invites you to join the journey of collective empowerment. 

  • About Too Solid®

    We at Too Solid® produce comfortable quality active wear that has the stylish flavour of Traditional Australia.

    Our brand has been created with you in mind, with Australia in mind, with the struggles, and the determination of not forgetting your true self in mind, and arguably the most notably, with celebration in mind!

    Too Solid® is a brand that strives to encourage and empower you as Australians, with a black history, to look to the future and never give up on your goals. If you are Too Solid, you are determined. If you are Too Solid, you have a hope of a bright future. If you are Too Solid, you acknowledge the past and work towards a future for the benefit of others. 

  • What does Too Solid mean

    [Too SOL-id]


    A person who evokes admiration by their ability, fitness or quality to achieve something extraordinarily impressive and/or extremely amusing with a clever humour

    Often used as sporting lingo, but not limited to!

    To be Too Solid means strength, stability, steadfast, skilful, smooth, precise. 

    Too Solid; Sporting lingo and Aboriginal slang for that spectacular move on the sports field, or the heroic act of an unlikely hero/heroine, or a moment of unexpected brilliance of awesomeness in our simple daily life.

  • Our Artists

  • Kristy Naden

    My father is from the Wiradjuri tribe in central NSW (Dubbo, Peak Hill and Gilgandra). My mother is from the Gubbi Gubbi and Wakka Wakka tribes of South East QLD and the Koa tribe in Western QLD. I am currently living on Gumbaynggirr Country in Coffs Harbour on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

    I learnt to paint when I was 10 years old. My Uncle Robin O’Chin and Mum Glenny Naden (née O’Chin) have been a big inspiration to me. I love to share stories of my family and culture through my art. I learnt to paint on artefacts and other products for our family business, Bidjiwong Art. I’ve also done numerous commissioned work for Universities, Educational Institutions and other community organisations. My art was also featured in the 2017 Christian Book of the Year “Our Mob, God’s Story”. The stories and culture of my people are inspirational and I want people to have a better understanding and appreciation of our Cultural stories and connections as a community. I think people should value our art and be proud that Australia has such a deep history of Aboriginal culture and traditional heritage.

  • Max Conlon

    Uncle Max is a strong and proud Indigenous man and descends from the Kabi Kabi (Gubbi Gubbi)/Kulali tribes of Queensland. Uncle Max is from a large family, many whom are artists and he continues to tell traditional & Christ centered stories through this medium. 

    I was born on Cherbourg Aboriginal reserve and currently living back here. My uncles inspired me to paint. I find painting Aboriginal art relaxing, and it brings healing as I have the opportunity to document my stories and history.

    Max is an established and award winning artist. He has been painting for over 35 years. He has travelled extensively with exhibitions of his work in Dubai, Japan, Korea and a number of European cities.  He has also exhibited extensively throughout the east coast of Australia, collaborating with his brother Robin (Goma) on murals and art projects with cultural community outcomes. His family traditions have inspired a unique body of work which utilises traditional and contemporary symbols to communicate stories of life experiences.

  • About the Artwork

  • Bunya Nut Gathering

    Kristy Naden

    This painting represents the annual journey of my people from the Gubbi Gubbi coastal country where there was a corroboree gathering to celebrate the bunya nut season.

    People shared stories, food, artefacts and other resources and took them back to their tribal lands.

  • Sacred Meeting Place

    Kristy Naden

    Sacred meeting places enrich us with identity, connection to Country and a place of inspiration, ceremony and respect

  • Goanna Hunting

    Max Conlon

    The best time for hunting Goanna is in the middle of the day around the waterhole. Goanna gets thirsty around this time and can be seen coming for water. The centre represents the people sitting around waiting for their opportunity, and it also represents them coming from different directions to share in the meal.

  • Our Mob

    Kristy Naden

    This design represents my family known as ‘our mob”.  Family gives us a sense of belonging, connectedness and cultural identity.

  • Resurrection

    Max Conlon

    White figures as well as different coloured figures stretching up & being drawn into the white circles, the trinity, this symbolises the different nations and people across the world. The yellow fingers, bottom, have turned their backs, are inattentive, consumed by other happenings. This art is a good reminder that our attention may sways from our true goal and that creates a risk of being left behind, but all we need to do is turn around and accept. Keep your focus, keep your passion and keep moving forward

  • Too Solid