• Why is there a high price point on your products?

    We know we’re definitely not the cheapest brand out there. Our aim is to create the highest quality products, in the best fabrics, while paying fair ethical prices to our artists and manufacturers. We are doing what we can to make our products as affordable as possible, but most importantly (in our opinion) to ensure they stand up in quality and style that really lasts, to make them worth the money. If you get a chance to try them on, please let us know what you think - and whether they stand up to the price. 

  • What if you are sold out of my size?

    If the size or item you are looking for is out of stock, please click the "notify me button" or send us a message via the "contact" page and you will be notified ir and/or when the item is back in stock. Please note, some items will not be restocked, therefore if you do have a particular interest you must let us know!

  • Why don’t you restock every item when sold out?

    We want to celebrate many Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander artworks from right across Australia and we provide you with lots of different art works to choose from. If there is something you particularly like, don’t wait too long, lest you miss out. Some items will be restocked but this is not always guaranteed! We may however, use the same artwork on a different item of clothing or the same item of clothing with a different artwork on it.

  • Why don’t you have PayPal?

    We love to listen to our customers and have heard frustrations when it comes to PayPal and other 3rd party payment options. Online shopping via Australian banks work the same as third party payments, without extra fees, and if something was to go wrong, it is much more efficient and conclusive. We want you to be protected while shopping online and believe this is a better way.

  • Why don’t you provide AfterPay?

    Our elders have expressed great concerns with AfterPay payments about buying now and copping fees later if not able to pay on time. We want you to consider your spending when shopping with us and we prefer you save carefully and purchase when you are ready.

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